Responsible Wood

If you want to produce a high quality pallet, the choice for good wood is extremely important. There are various types of wood that are used as a raw material. In addition, these types often have various quality gradations (1st choice, 2nd choice). Per pallet solution the most suitable wood is selected. Fungi are not given any change and the wood strength is carefully monitored as well.

However, in addition to choosing the best raw materials, socially responsible choices must be made. For that reason, we almost only use PEFC and FSC certified wood. The certification guarantees: sustainable management of the forest. This means that we consider the economical, ecological and social functions the forest fulfills. Now and in the future. And to underline that, we are PEFC Chain of Custody certified.

But recycled wood can also be perfectly processed in the production of wooden pallets. For instance, in case of pressed pallet chunks often used in pallets.

The strength of wood!
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