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If you choose a Lecaro pallet, you also choose Lecaro transport. We have our own fleet, meaning that we can deliver in a fast and flexible manner. Two essential elements, that made us choose to refrain from working with third parties with regard to the transport of our pallets to the buyer.

Urgent deliveries within several hours or even on Sundays are not our principle, but they do happen in practice. Things like these are possible at Lecaro, because it is for these kinds of emergencies that we are available 24 hours a day and it is for the same reason that we keep the relevant pallets in stock.

Being certain that the pallets you ordered will be there exactly when you need them, is very reassuring. Therefore, a well-maintained and state of the art fleet is a must nowadays to be able to guarantee this.

In addition, we have been able to give our company a HACCP certification, partly thanks to our own fleet. Our trucks are only used for the transport of our own pallets. This means that no chemicals or other products that are unsafe for food purposes, have been transported, meaning that we are able to maintain the Food Safety.

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