Environmentally Conscious

We know like no other that we must handle mother nature responsibly. Therefore, dealing with raw materials carefully is one of the key objectives within our company.

The strength of wood!
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Wood is and shall remain a renewable resource, an inexhaustible source, provided that the right choices are made. Sustainable management of the forest means that we consider both the economical, ecological and social functions the forest fulfills. Now and in the future. And to underline that, we are PEFC Chain of Custody certified.

But in addition to wood, it is also about environmentally conscious choices regarding logistics, production and housing. In this, we also show that we commit to the preservation and / or improvement of the environment.

In addition, all our new pallets are Heat Treated. Because the protection of the oversea environment is of crucial important as well. Organisms that would be a threat to the ecosystem on the other side of the world, will not hitch a ride on the pallets we produce and supply.

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